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Cost of Absence Calculator

The CIPD (Chartered Institute of People Management) reported that the annual cost of sickness absence has climbed to almost £29 billion for UK organisations. These figures highlight the potentially detrimental impact to many businesses.

Sickness is just one factor- the cost of absence can impact on sourcing replacement resources, can reduce productivity and effect team morale.

Our calculator can help arm you with the numbers that can highlight a potential risk within your organisation and we help you act on the identified hotspots.

Our team can then support you to:

  • Reduce short-term and long-term absence levels
  • Initiate early active support for employees when absent or returning to work
  • Train line managers around HR and Health and Safety issues
  • Manage litigation risks
  • Increase productivity and morale


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Absence is costing your business:

Within 12 months we can save you:

The savings shown are an estimate only. Our services may produce a lesser or greater saving than the figure quoted.