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Anti-Bullying Week 16th-20th November “What is Workplace Bullying?”

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‘The ramifications of bullying go beyond tearful staff’

All employees are entitled to a safe and comfortable work environment, but if a company cannot offer this - they will pay the price, as an employee will take their skills elsewhere. The term “workplace bullying” covers a wide range of circumstances such as health-harming mistreatment of one or more people which can include verbal abuse, offensive non-verbal behaviours, or interfering with someone’s ability to get work done, examples include:

  • shouting or swearing at an employee
  • an employee being singled out for unjustified criticism
  • an employee being excluded from company activities
  • not acknowledging work contributions
  • using language or actions that embarrass or humiliate an employee

The effects of bullying does in fact cause a person to leave their job as it can result in constant depression and anxiety. An employee who feels undermined will have low morale, become stressed and likely to miss work because of health reasons, as bullying eventually takes it toll on the body.

What does bullying do to stimulate innovation?
An unhappy or uneasy working environment equals less productive staff and negative employment branding, which will consequently have an impact on the success of a company, as word soon spreads (particularly with the speed of social media) that a company has a hostile work environment.  

Therefore, the best way to ensure a skilful and productive workplace is to monitor “harmony” amongst all employees working together. Companies with good anti-bullying policies hold meetings  to remind employees what workplace bullying is, how to report it, and the consequences for bullying. No one can stop a bully but they can prevent themselves from being a victim.

Sugarman’s Occupational Health Service provides support and advice for employees regarding work related matters associated with bullying. Many organisations already have excellent written bullying and harassment policies, as employers have a ‘duty of care’ to all employees. Sugarman’s Occupational Health Service is professionally equipped to handle matters of bullying and harassment, such skills cannot be underestimated. Bullying and harassment is behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated or offended. Harassment is unlawful under the Equality Act 2010.

Bullying and harassment is morally, legally and professionally unacceptable.