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Display Screen Assessments- Importance of a good chair

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If a person sits too low there will be a downward slope from the knees toward the body and alternatively if sitting too high there is an upward slope.

Small breaks during a workday are important to release some of the muscle tension. Studies have shown that constant sitting is very damaging to a person’s health.

Does the user have a good keyboard technique?

Training can be used to prevent (a) hands bent up at wrist (b) hitting the keys too hard and overstretching the fingers. The wrist rest should only be used to rest the palms of the hands between keystrokes and not while typing. The proper positioning of the keyboard, mouse and hand helps to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome and use of proper chair and sitting position aids in putting off musculoskeletal disorders.

Desk Area

A tidy desk makes a tidy mind
It is important to consider whether the work surface is large enough for all the necessary equipment and papers etc, also to keep the area tidy and free from unnecessary items to prevent clutter.  Can an employee comfortably reach for all items, for example, does a secretary have to stretch to load the printer with paper, also are there trailing electrical cables which could cause a tripping accident, are the surfaces free from glare and reflection.  Cleanliness affects performance; furthermore nearly 60 per cent of employees judge their colleagues on how clean they keep their workspace/desk.

Desks should:

  • Give adequate leg room
  • Have sufficient space to support the computer equipment and space for documents
  • Be at least 900 mm deep
  • Have rounded corners and edges

An employee who uses a VDU as a significant part of their normal work has a right to go for an appropriate eye test and an eyesight test which must be made available and paid for by the employer.

Employees have the right to an eye and eyesight test before taking up employment if it is consistent work with a VDU as well as at regular intervals thereafter. In determining the intervals, factors such as the age of a person and also the intensity of VDU work should be considered in deciding the frequency of repeat tests.

It is necessary for an employee working on a computer to take visual breaks and to bear in mind the relevance of blinking when viewing the monitor (as this will prevent dry eyes). Also for every 20 minutes of using a computer, a person should look away into the distance for 20 seconds to allow their eyes to refocus.

Computer vision syndrome
Using a computer or laptop for too long can cause eyestrain, headaches and even blurred vision; this is referred to as computer vision syndrome.