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Elements that can aid DSA

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Employees, or individuals generally, who spend substantial time working with computer workstations are vulnerable to three factors which have been identified as contributing to ergonomically related problems:

Aches and pains
Body postures determine which joints and muscles are used in an activity, as well as the amount of force exerted. Poor postures place unusual or excessive forces on components of the body.

Time spent at computer/workstation
The longer the same muscle or muscle group is used, the greater the likelihood of both localized and general fatigue – this is why a break is crucial.

Repetitive movements
Musculo-skeletal problems may develop and hours without a break will increase fatigue and body strains accumulate.

Every employee is different. Even if two workers are carrying out the same task, it is likely that they will have slightly different requirements to enable them to carry out the job safely and without damaging their health.

Taking a break enables an employee to work more comfortably and as a result it improves their overall concentration and productivity, lesser mistakes are made and tasks are performed more efficiently which has the result of increased revenue for a company. Also minimum expenditure is spent on employee injuries and rehabilitation, as employees are less likely to incur repetitive stress injuries.

Minimising stress
Worldwide, millions of office workers use a computer but the risk of computer related health problems can be reduced by: appropriate work station design and correct proper lighting. Software should help the user carry out the task, minimise stress and be user-friendly.

Every electronic device including computers and laptops produce a form of Electromagnetic Field (EMF - Electromagnetic fields are invisible lines of force that occur whenever electricity is being conducted), which may be harmful to human health, it is therefore vital to provide a safe environment to protect human health because the world relies heavily on the use of computers.