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Join the five million going dry this January

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Dry January is a campaign set to change people’s relationship with alcohol for January and beyond - doing Dry January means giving up alcohol for the month of January.

Here, Sugarman Occupational Health Services shares further information about Dry January from Alcohol Concern...

Dry January:

*Enables you to take control of your relationship with alcohol.
*Drives a conversation about alcohol: why do we drink it, what does it do, and how can we reduce the harm it can cause?

Alcohol Concern brings together an amazing network of individuals and organisations, including partner charities who work on issues associated with alcohol. Together, they are helping to reduce the harm caused by alcohol.

When you sign up to Dry January, you get access to the free app, which helps you keep track of your month with features like a calorie calculator, unit tracker and tool to show how much you’ve saved.

You also receive regular support emails with tips, tricks and information from experts in alcohol to make your month easier and more fun. There is help on hand and if you’re struggling, the Dry January team can support you.

Dry January will make a difference to you – but it can make a difference to others too. Sign up and fundraise for (or give what you save from not drinking to) one of the official partner charities, who all work on issues closely-related to alcohol: Action for Children Breast Cancer Now British Liver Trust Crisis Hospice UK World Cancer Research Fund 80% goes to them and 20% goes to us - Alcohol Concern. Together they work to end the harm caused by alcohol.

It’s not too late to get involved - sign up to Dry January by visiting https://www.alcoholconcern.org.uk/dry-january