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Specialist  occupational  health  workers  have  the ability  to  evaluate  and  manage  complex,  nonroutine  problems,  applying  analytical  skills  and  a willingness to take responsibility. The Occupational Health industry has significantly  progressed in the direction of managing risk during  the  past  five  years,  mainly  for  small  businesses. Companies are designing their facilities with regard  to risk management and have supplied increasing  compliance  assistance  and  occupational  hazard  evaluation,  which represent  the  main  services offered by the industry.

Also, firms give claims management assistance to affected parties and improve the overall outlook and workplace practices to avoid injuries in the future. Companies  working  in  the  Occupational  Health and Safety Services industry are currently offering several services to other industrie

Consultants are appointed on worksites in order to categorise risk and provide or suggest possible solutions to clients to prevent them from being shocked by an unexpected visit or questioned about an accident which has occurred in the workplace resulting in litigation. Firms will either have their own internal occupation health and safety officers who advise on hazard  evaluation or assign third-party consultancy groups that usually supply tagging services and testing. This permits companies to demonstrate that wiring as well as other equipment has been correctly inspected and puts a stop to negligence litigation. Overall the service of hazard evaluation has significantly increased during the past five years because an ever increasing number of workplaces are using computer and other electrical equipment which could be dangerous.

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