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Wellbeing In The Workplace

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Back in January 2018, it was stated that the current ’Stress Epidemic’ was seriously hindering the teaching profession in the UK with 3,750 teachers going on long-term sick leave. But what is causing this stress epidemic and how can it be halted?


Based on the findings in the Teacher Wellbeing Index 2018, undertaken by the education support partnership, it was found that 67% of teachers are stressed at work with 29% working more than 51 hours a week and a further 74% saying they have the inability to switch off from work which contributes to a negative work-life balance.


Work-life balance is becoming increasingly difficult in today's digitally-led society where individuals have work emails a click away on their phones, in some cases expected to answer work-related calls at all hours, as well as keeping up with social media queries and questions. All this added to the pressures of the intense working school day places a lot of pressure and scrutiny on teachers and senior leaders in these positions to ensure students reach their potential, meet Ofsted policy and standards as well as having the maximum job satisfaction possible that they set out to have when they began their careers. Having a poor work-life balance can also negatively impact an individual's mental health and general wellbeing.       


Teacher Wellbeing Index 2018 found that 47% of educators with mental health symptoms were away for a month or more over the academic year and 31% stated they have experienced a mental health issue in the past year. It was also found that 64% of schools do not regularly survey their staff to gauge employee wellbeing and some of the suggestions put forward to combat this was to introduce statutory annual staff survey and mandatory mental health and wellbeing training within a teachers initial teacher training.


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*Data and Statistics used from The Teacher Wellbeing Index 2018