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Work-life balance is a two way street

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Employers must appreciate that work-life balance is a two way street

Life itself is a balancing act - juggling work demands is tiring as well as stressful and brings lower productivity, sickness, and absenteeism, so work-life balance is an issue for all employees and all organisations.

Has technology placed more of a demand on employees?

The speed of technology over the past few decades has meant that employees no longer have to be present at company premises to do their work - but when does an employee truly switch off?

Employees are often preoccupied with work when not working

How many people check their emails at the weekend or when on holiday - this is possible all because of technology - unintentionally technology has minimised work-life balance, as today’s work-life culture makes employees available and reachable wherever they maybe all day and everyday. In a nutshell this means longer working hours for employees which consequently contributes to poor work-life balance.