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Work-life initiatives create positive employer branding

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Work-life initiatives create positive employer branding and promote being an employer of choice. Research indicates that company commitment to work-life initiatives is closely aligned with employee motivation and productivity.

Communication about work-life programmes is essential
Human resource professionals should consider four critical questions:

  • does the company culture truly support work-life benefits

  • does the management philosophy, starting with senior management, sincerely endorse work-life benefits

  • do managers and supervisors understand the impact work-life balance has on their workforce

  • are employees aware of and do they understand the company’s work-life programmes?

Work-life programmes not only drive employee engagement and happiness, they directly impact business performance and costs. Companies that have implemented work-life balance programmes recognise that employee welfare affects the “bottom line” of the business.

In today’s global marketplace, as companies aim to reduce costs, it falls to the human resource professional to understand the critical issues of work-life balance and champion work-life programmes.