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Multi-disciplinary approach

A key area of focus for our case managers and occupational health advisers is helping clients absent employees’ access all services that are available ensuring a quick return to work.

Sugarman Occupational Health Services has extensive expertise in working with other providers and will work closely with clients to agree and implement effective processes to facilitate where available:

• Quick access to physiotherapy and CBT services

• EAP referrals

• PMI referrals

• Disability insurer referrals

We also utilise other external organisations and agencies to support the return to work process for example, Access to Work, this agency provides grants and loans to organisations that need to make workplace adjustments.

Our Expert Case Managers

Importantly, our case managers (with the employee’s consent) can also tap into impartial resources including independent medical examinations, GP and specialist reports and functional capacity evaluations where appropriate as we can with the onsite face to face element.

Appointing a dedicated client case manager means that employees, line managers and HR have a single point of contact that will support all stakeholders through the referral process and subsequently identified care pathways.

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