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Pragmatic and pro-active advice

Sugarman Occupational Health Services meticulously gather information around the current medical situation, treatment plan, barriers to return to work and potential adjustments required, keeping all conversations factual and aimed at de-medicalizing situations to expedite return to work. We use the evidence based tools to predict the return to work dates, provide return to work advice and advise timescales for any adjustments where appropriate and possible.

Our collaborative approach ensures we understand our client’s company culture, the workplace risks, the roles within the company and the ability to accommodate any adjustments - temporary or permanent.

Report normally includes:
  • Whether the employee has a diagnosed medical condition
  • If they are receiving appropriate treatment
  • The impact of symptoms on ability to work normal hours and duties
  • Where relevant, our opinion on whether the Equality Act 2010 (Disability) will apply
  • The prognosis for return to work
  • A rehabilitation plan, including sign posting to both internal and external services
  • Staged return to work and workplace adjustments if appropriate
  • Details on any non-medical issues to consider
  • Structured steps to move forward
Results of the report include:

Through customer feedback our reports and any subsequent reviews are on one rolling report document so clients can see each stage as it happens and can refer back to previous advice if required.  We also provide a useful one page information sheet for managers on interpreting the report to get the best out of it. With this in mind, our team is led by highly qualified and experienced occupational health nurses, supported by Occupational Health Physicians (OHP) when the case would benefit from this level of intervention and as such our ethos is governed by their principles. Employees will be offered the opportunity

Our reports are presented in a clear and precise fashion to enable easy reading which generates ‘reader confidence’; and the report will, of course, consequently help an employee and protect a company. Any person who reads a medical report should not be confused and it is our purpose to deliver reports so that the reader completely understands the writer; as in any subject an author has to thoroughly know their field of study in order to write it in a clear and careful method because easy reading generates ‘reader confidence’.   

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