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Drug & Alcohol Testing

The misuse of drugs and alcohol can have an injurious effect on an individual’s personal life, but they can have an equally damaging effect in the workplace, both for the employee, co-workers and the business itself. Employers will be breaking the law if they know of drug-related activities in the work-place and fail to act. They have a duty of care to protect staff from the mistakes of other employees acting under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Sugarman can work with you to ensure you have a robust and workable drug & alcohol policy. This provides a clear framework for employer and employees to work from and ensures that all relevant legislation is being adhered to.

In line with your policy, we can provide you with a 24 hour service for pre-placement Random and For Cause drug and alcohol testing with all specimens collected under a strict chain of custody protocol by our fully trained collection officers nationwide.

Description of services
  • Pre-Placement/Random drug and alcohol testing: Random testing can be arranged across the UK at multi-site locations with  arrangement of pre-placement appointments and randomly selected pre-arranged appointments to ensure the process is fair and legally defensible.
  • For Cause / Post Incident Drug and Alcohol Testing: In the event of a safety-related incident, we guarantee to be on-site within 2 hours, ensuring that urine samples are collected and sent for urgent analysis. Working to a strict chain of custody protocols, we provide you with rapid and legally defensible results.
  • Training Seminars: Seminars are available for staff of all levels to enhance awareness of drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace and to consider how best to approach the issues surrounding drugs and alcohol at work.

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