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Ill-Health Retirements

There will be instances when a return to work simply isn’t feasible and ill health retirement is the only option. We have extensive experience in managing ill health retirement and use a specialist Occupational Health Physician who will assess the employee after the appeals process is concluded.

An ill health retirement report will usually only be triggered after a standard management referral and/or a complex case referral process has been conducted and every possible treatment pathway or intervention has been exhausted.

The employee will be referred for assessment by a specialist Occupational Health Physician who will gather evidence, and provide an opinion on the likelihood of the employee meeting the criteria for ill health in the form of a report.

It is important that independent doctors or physicians should confine themselves to an opinion on whether or not there is sufficient evidence of permanent incapacity due to ill-health.  He or she does not make decisions concerning eligibility for ill-health retirement. 

The independent physician will:
  • Not rely on an unsupported or evidence-free opinions from clinical specialists or other doctors.
  • Avoid soliciting opinions concerning ill health retirement from those who are unlikely to be familiar with the ill health retirement criteria.
  • Submit to the independent medical lead who advises the Pension Scheme an objective assessment of the applicant’s disability and functional capacity to do their job and potentially any other job outside of the company.
  • Express their opinion in the form of an occupational health report with sufficient detail to show why a particular opinion was formed. 

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