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Medical Assessments

It may be necessary to get occupational health advice, in the form of an independent medical assessment, if an employee is suffering from a disability or illness that affects their work or they believe that work has affected their health. We can provide you with a consultant and will correspond with the employees doctor to produce a comprehensive independent medical assessment report.

Our Independent Medical Assessment Reports are provided with transparency and simplicity

  • Simple well-structured reports
  • Precision
  • Designed with our customers in mind

Simplicity is the key to clarity with medical jargon

Research reveals that an estimated 15-21 million people in the UK do not understand healthcare/medical jargon and therefore cannot take in the full content of information and advice on medical leaflets or reports and this is extremely bad for healthcare. Our team understands that there is enough anxiety involved in a medical examination without a lack of understanding of the diagnosis and it is therefore our objective to ensure reports are written in a straight-forward and easily understood manner. 

“It is not enough to write so that you can be understood; you must write so clearly that you cannot be misunderstood.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

A misunderstood meaning of a medical word, or indeed not so easy to read language, could result in severe and unnecessary consequences; as a result we pay particular attention to the presentation and content of our reports to ensure that they are clear-cut in explanation as well as definite in meaning and overall precise easy-to-read writing.

Simplicity is the key to clarity

Our dedicated team is here to make life easier for you.

We operate a nationwide network of occupational health physicians for employers to refer their employees for independent medical assessments. In addition, our physicians can work alongside your own occupational health department or with you directly and provide convenient clinics at your place of work, local off site clinics or home visits.

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