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OH Physician Services

Sugarman is one of the largest leading providers of OH physician services across the UK. Our dedicated UK networks of doctors are all highly experienced, qualified members of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

We operate a nationwide network of occupational health physicians for employers to refer their employees for independent medical assessments. In addition, our physicians can work alongside your own occupational health department or with you directly and provide convenient clinics at your place of work, local off site clinics or home visits.

What does an occupational health physician do?

Occupational health doctors are licensed physicians who specialize in treating patients with work-related illnesses or injuries. A professional combines his or her knowledge of general medicine with an understanding of the physical hazards that people may face at their jobs.

Why use the services of an occupational health physician?

From 6 April 2010 the format of the Medical Statement (also known as the Doctor’s Certificate or the ‘Sick Note’) changed to the "fit note".

The majority of these forms are completed by GPs with little or no formal training in occupational health and the form is designed for general advice which does not require detailed knowledge of the patient’s work or of workplace fitness standards.  Employers may receive "fit notes" which state that the person "may be not fit for work", and where they are "not fit for work" employers may also be advised by the GP that a referral to an occupational health specialist would be beneficial and it is up to the employer to initiate an occupational health physician referral.

In such circumstances, employers would benefit from a clear expert opinion as to the person's fitness for work, to include likely timescales for return to work, recommendations with regard to what options are available to the employer to assist with the person's recovery and return to work and advice with regard to whether the person is covered under the disability provisions of the Equality Act 2010.

At Sugarman our turnaround is very efficient with an appointment with the doctor arranged within 10 working days of the referral and the report submitted to the employer within 48 hours. The referral process is simple and secure and the reports are clear and unambiguous. We also operate an employee appointment service, where we confirm their appointment verbally and in writing with directions to the clinic where appropriate.

Common areas of advice related benefits of using the services of an OH Physician include:
  • Advice regarding ill health either related or unrelated to work
  • Litigation, both civil (alleged negligence, work-related damage or failure to comply with disability discrimination requirements)
  • Criminal (health & safety offences)
  • Ill-health retirement assessments, where a defined benefits pension scheme for employees is in place (or other employee benefits for long term ill health are available) and funding needs to be appropriately managed.

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