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Divider Visions & Values - Sugarman Occupational Health Services

Visions & Values

Sugarman Occupational Health Services's vision is to protect and promote the general health of workers, working with and for our clients to deliver service excellence. Occupational health and safety services are required across all industries to ensure that workers are not in danger in their workplaces and we are committed to providing this through our key goals:

  • Service excellence for all clients
  • Sharing best practice
  • Cost effectiveness 

The whole purpose of an occupational health provider service is to professionally accommodate the requirements of the enterprise it is assisting and the staff employed by that company.

We believe an occupational health service must provide a package which is appropriate to the needs of a company and, of course, beneficial in relation to cost.  An efficiently managed careful strategy is essential because an employer could quite easily fall into the trap of spending money on an inadequate system which subsequently fails to meet its intended purpose. Employees must be supported at work by programmes that protect and promote the highest levels of health and wellbeing.



We will be open and honest with ourselves and others.


We will work as a team and succeed together.


We will inspire, support and invest in our  people who will share in our success.


We are driven to be the best.

Disruptive Innovation

We will continually challenge convention.

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